5 Exceptional Guides on Setting New Year's Resolutions That You'll Finish

Research indicates that about 92% of people fail at their new year's resolutions every year. In most cases, the reason is not willpower but the goal itself. People don't take the time to set goals that are meaningful and achievable. If you want to be one of the other 8% to achieve your targets, these free online guides will help you set new year's resolutions and plan how to keep them. From simple 4-page worksheets to a massive 76-page free ebook, we've tried to explain what you can expect in e

How Does Back Market Work, and Is It Legit?

Are you considering buying from Back Market, but aren't sure if it's safe? Buying refurbished items can be an excellent way to save money, and Back Market is one of the best places that offer affordable refurbished items. While substantial discounts on the marketplace may be appealing, is shopping there really worth it? In this article, we'll look at Back Market, how it works, and what customers have to say about it. Moreover, we will share some tips to help you have the best shopping experienc

8 Month-Long Online Fitness Challenges to Start the New Year Strong

It's that time of the year again when everyone is making New Year's resolutions. And some of the most popular New Year's resolutions are to live healthier, get in shape, and lose weight. So, what better way to kickstart the New Year than to try an awesome online fitness challenge? If you merely say to yourself that you're going to begin working out regularly you may not stick to it. However, if you follow a set month-long challenge, you're more likely to follow through with your goals. Below ar

8 New Year’s Resolutions That Focus on Improving Your Overall Wellness

Why do people love New Year's resolutions so much? Well, a new year means a fresh start and a chance to do things differently to improve your life. Losing weight, saving money, and quitting bad habits are some of the most common New Year's resolutions. But what if instead of focusing so much on these resolutions—that you probably won't follow through with—you focus more on your general wellness? By concentrating more on these smaller, more achievable wellness resolutions, you won't end up feel

Avoid Toxic New Year Diet Culture With These 5 Self-Improvement and Body-Neutral Apps

"New Year, New You" is a phrase you'll hear, see, and breathe plenty of times before the dust even settles on Christmas. Come January, people are bombarded with pressures about bettering themselves, with the diet industry perpetuating the most tenacious and potentially harmful message: that everyone "needs to lose weight." If you’re sick of trying to avoid the New Year diet culture, you're not alone. This year, focus on celebrating and building yourself up, not on dieting. If you want to set so

5 Free and Creative Apps to Make Holiday Ecards and Send Christmas Wishes

You probably already know about some of the best ecard makers for personalized greetings, like Adobe Spark, Canva, or JibJab. The problem is, so do most others. These sites are so popular that they end up being the default choices, and so the ecards start looking a little too familiar. If you want to stand out from the crowd this holiday season, check out some of these little-known and creative apps to make ecards and send holiday wishes. While some are exclusively about Christmas, others can b

12 Christmas Podcasts to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

From the movies we watch to the food we eat, the songs we sing, and the traditions we uphold, Christmas is a season to enjoy and cherish. Whatever you do to celebrate the festive season, you can enjoy the company of these great Christmas podcasts that highlight the different stories and traditions accompanying this special time. And with many of them broadcasting throughout the year, you can listen to an episode whenever you need to recreate the magic of Christmas. There’s no better place to c

3 Sure Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit With Linux

The holiday season is a great time to relax, get cozy, and make time for just you. While many others are getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, why not take an opportunity to just take in some of the Christmas magic at home? It feels good to treat yourself. But these treats are ones that you don't have to travel far for. GNOME extensions, creative tools, and holiday wallpapers are available to unwrap from the comfort of your home. Let's break down three straightforward ways t

Bring the Spirit of Christmas Alive With These Wonderful Windows Themes

The world around us takes on a festive air at Christmas time. You know it—streets are decked up, parties are happening, get-togethers are being planned, and shopping is in full swing. Of course, you are busy preparing for the big day and decorating your home with holiday lights and a Christmas tree. Don't you think it's the perfect time to give your trusted Windows PC a touch of Christmas too? It's easy to do so with some wonderful wintery themes that we've curated for your desktop. How to In

7 Tech Tools to Help You Stay Calm and Positive Over the Holidays

The holidays are normally a time to express love for one another by exchanging gifts and filling up on delicious food and drinks. However, the stress of traveling, being away from home, and spending time with that one family member can also make the holidays more stressful than doom-scrolling through your news feed. Here are the tech tools that will help you maintain your sanity over the holidays. Meditation has proven to be one of the best practices to relieve stress and reduce anxiety—precise

How to Make Your Christmas Brighter With Linux

The holiday season is a great time to relax, get cozy, and take time for yourself. There are free tools that will help you boost your Christmas spirit, especially with Linux. All that is needed is a Linux PC, a little patience, and a willingness to provide yourself with a priceless gift that keeps on giving. What is it? Being proud of yourself for learning a few more skills before we ring in the new year. Powerful tools such as GIMP, Blender, and Bash scripts are great ways to help put you in

How to Create a Winter Wonderland on Linux With GNOME Extensions

Whether you view the snow and cold weather as havoc to winter drivers, naughty words, aching backs, or a delightful way to have a hot beverage in hand, there are three straightforward ways to add a bit of joy to your Linux PC. We found three great options that will overlay winter effects to create the feel of winter, and the joy that Christmas often brings us. Let's dive into these options so you can create a winter wonderland on your Linux desktop. To get the effect of winter without going ou

7 Ways to Christmas-ify Your Windows 11

The holiday spirit can be infectious, and if you find yourself decorating every inch of your house with Christmas decorations, why not see how you can customize your Windows install as well? Here are a few ways to Christmas-ify Windows 11, so you're ready for the season. So how do you go about decorating your system? With themes, apps, and widgets, of course. Most items on this list are free and easy to set up, though just like real Christmas decorations, you'll want to revert these changes e

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Makers and Tinkerers

Choosing Christmas gifts can be tricky and time-consuming as you scour myriad stores trying to find the perfect present for your loved one. Nonetheless, this isn’t necessary for finding a perfect gift. All you have to do is consider the recipient's favorite pastimes to come up with the best gift for them. If this recipient happens to be a maker or an electronics tinkerer, then you're definitely in the right place. We've curated a list of the ten best gifts you can get your maker friend or relat

Get Christmas-Themed Watch Faces for Your Wear OS Smartwatch With These Festive Apps

When it comes to "stocking" up on the best Christmas-themed watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy Watch or other Wear OS smartwatch, there are some great apps with all your favorite icons and themes from the season of cheer. Let's take a look at some of the best apps with Christmas-themed watch face designs to add a bit of festive spirit to your smartwatch. The Christmas Watchface Theme Pack app is a fun and easy way to add some holiday glitz to your watch faces. It offers a variety of Christmas

The Best Christmas Apps and Websites for Cooking, Music, Entertainment, and More This Yuletide

This week's tech podcast for technophobes brings you all the Christmas food, music, and entertainment apps for kids you could possibly need at this time of year. We've also got some information on how you can donate to charities online at Christmas. You can subscribe to the Really Useful Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Audible, Player FM, or copy the RSS feed into your podcast player. • Charities You Can Donate To Online This Christmas No news or recommend

12 Days of Christmas Workouts to Burn Those Extra Holiday Calories

You may know The 12 Days of Christmas as the well-known Christmas carol or as Twelvetide in Christianity. Essentially, it refers to the 12 days after Christmas day, starting on the 25th of December and ending at midnight on the 5th of January. What if you turned the 12 days of Christmas into a fitness challenge where you had to do a workout every day? After all, the last few days of the holiday season are a fantastic time to kickstart your workout routine. For the first day, it's best to begin
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